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Successful growers opt for Jongkind’s high-quality substrate mixtures for sowing, cuttings and repotting. Jongkind produces substrates for a wide range of applications. But Jongkind is best known for supplying substrates, sowing and cutting media of top quality for propagating young plants.
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Clay granules
Jongkind has the longest experience in special clay granules for hydroculture. We use our extensive expertise in this field to guarantee the top quality of our clay granules in various shapes and forms together with manufacturers.
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Jongkind Sedum Trays zijn de duurzame en professionele oplossing voor de afvang van fijnstof, waterberging, isolatie en biodiversiteit.
Ze vinden hun toepassing in groene dakbedekking, daktuinen, rotondes, middenbermen en overige groene decoraties.
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