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Any substrate must have the right acidity and be capable of releasing sufficient nutrients to the plant roots from the very first day onwards. Thanks to ultra-modern weighing and dosing equipment, every litre of Jongkind substrate contains exactly the right amounts of all nutrient elements – both those that dissolve quickly and those that are released slowly, of course completely geared to your specific requirements.

Jongkind offers a wide range of macro- and micro-nutrients (trace elements), fast- and slow-release nutrients and nutrients from mineral and organic sources. All the ingredient doses of every delivered batch are recorded in our computer, where you can consult them.


In addition to the standard nutrients we also supply various biostimulants that stimulate the beneficial soil life in the root zone and may promote the plants’ growth. Biostimulants enable plants to adapt (more quickly) to the conditions in their immediate environment, often making them less susceptible to diseases.

Some examples:

Mycorrhizal fungi ensure a live connection between the absorbing root system and the soil biology; mycorrhizae make plants more resistant to drought and major fluctuations in temperature or pH, etc.

  • Biovin® plays an important part in the development of mycorrhizal symbiosis.
  • Antagonistic (disease-preventing) bacteria and fungi (such as Trichoderma) prevent root diseases by secreting antibiotics (which are toxic for pathogens).
  • Rhizobacteria (root bacteria) colonise and protect the fine roots (rhizosphere).
  • Microalgae contain high-quality protein with all the essential amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 fatty acids), vitamins, sugars and trace elements.
  • Vivifos: a source of organic phosphorus that can be quickly absorbed, remains available in the long term and does not precipitate in calcareous soils.
  • Marl (from fossil coccolites) increases the CEC value; approved for use in organic farming.
  • Lava meal is ground volcanic rock with a high concentration of active silicon and a wide range of beneficial trace elements (making the soil more fertile).