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Peter Bak on Jongkind

Peter Bak
Corn. Bak BV
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“JONGKIND IS fast and reliable”

_DSC6713“I hardly remember a time when Jongkind wasn’t our supplier. We’ve been working together for around forty years. We used to work with a different supplier in the days before Jongkind, but we weren’t very satisfied with them. Our cooperation with Jongkind has been stable and reliable from the very start: a partner we can rely on.
The continuity of delivery that Jongkind offers us is exactly what we want. We buy mostly peat substrate, and it’s important to us that it is of a stable quality and meets all our requirements as agreed. We want to know what we put in the soil. The mixture’s homogeneity is really important: it must live up to our expectations. And that’s precisely what Jongkind’s peat substrate does.

_DSC6787If we ever have an unforeseen problem we contact them and they always respond immediately. They help us by telephone or they visit our nursery. That’s the great advantage of working with Jongkind: they really think along with us. For example, if we intend to launch a new product they will advise the right ratios for an optimum substrate mixture based on their specialism. Our cooperation is geared to finding solutions, and we’re very satisfied with that.”