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Composing high-quality substrates/growing media begins with selecting the best resources. Jongkind has a reputation to uphold in this field. An independent choice can be made from a selected range of the most reliable resources available on our planet. CLASSIFICATIon of peat Peat is understood to be an […]


Auxiliary substances

Swedish clay An important auxiliary substance for high-quality substrate mixtures is Swedish plateau clay. Jongkind uses Swedish clay of two sieve fractions: the standard clay of 0-2.8 mm and a finer sieve fraction granulate of 0-1 mm. We prefer this Swedish clay to many other types of […]



Any substrate must have the right acidity and be capable of releasing sufficient nutrients to the plant roots from the very first day onwards. Thanks to ultra-modern weighing and dosing equipment, every litre of Jongkind substrate contains exactly the right amounts of all nutrient elements – both […]