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Fully aware that the earth’s limited resources must be handled with great care, Jongkind supports the Responsibly Produced Peat (RPP) initiative: an independent European certification system for peat producers who exploit peat in a responsible way.

Responsibly Produced PeatRPP-certified peat producers can prove that the peat they exploit and/or produce conforms to the principles and criteria of RPP.



This means for example:

  • no peat is exploited in untouched natural peatlands with a high ecological value;
  • peat exploitation is followed by a recovery plan in which biodiversity and the growth of new peat are given priority;
  • maximising the extraction of peat from already degraded peatlands leads to a win-win situation for nature and the peat industry;
  • fruitful cooperation between peat producers and environmental organisations. 

    The aim to maximise the responsible production of peat serves two important benefits:

  • Availability: guaranteeing that sufficient peat of high quality remains available for a long time, in particular for applications resulting in greater added value.
  • Responsibility: guaranteeing that peat is extracted only from specific sources and peatlands, and not from areas with high natural values and/or a high biodiversity, and guaranteeing responsible after-use of the peat-extraction sites.
  • More information on RPP can be found at the website www.responsiblyproducedpeat.org.
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